(It’s So Close but…) We’re So Far Away

Earlier today, the Supreme Court came to the monumental decision on marriage (I’m deliberately not referring to this as same-sex marriage), namely deciding whether homosexuals have a right to constitutionally marry or whether state bans on same-sex marriage can remain in place. It’s perhaps as monumental (at least close to) as the 19th Amendment that passed in 1919 that allowed women the right to vote. It’s perhaps as monumental (at least close to) as the Voting Rights Act in 1965 that allowed blacks the right to vote. This could – perhaps like those other two monumental decisions – change the way an entire group of Americans are treated in this country. This could finally mean equality for all: women, minorities, and the LGBT community.

I mean, after all, we’ve recently seen the way that racism has nearly ceased to exist in America since 1965. We’ve seen the level of equality that women have achieved since 1920. I mean, we have, haven’t we?

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