The Angel

Where it began

Photo by Jim Schultz atop Kalapathar
Photo by Jim Schultz atop Kalapathar

At a major crossroads, facing the greatest challenge of my life, I set out on an epic year of work, travel and never-saying-no that landed me on the Khumbu Trail in Nepal, heading to Everest Basecamp.   During each adventure, no matter how small or grand, I took  “my angels” with me, “blogging” on facebook, making sure everyone knew I was not just hanging in there, but healing by living life.  I even got my own mother to join facebook, and there she could come along for the ride – from Everest to running the NYC Marathon to teaching my first dog how to “sit”

The day Chase learned how to “sit”

After the trek in Nepal, I had the opportunity to write an article about the journey. The Khumbu was full of every type of supurlative that exists.  As it turns out, a man I’d never met edited the article.  That editor was The Lion, and so it goes that Everest led me to my lion.  If you’d like, you can read about the trek to Everest Basecamp.  Here’s where you can read about the Wilderness Medicine Girl.

I try to laugh, everyday, read everyday, sing, run, smile, and cuddle everyday, have some coffee and maybe some good red wine. I take out my camera often, sleep under the stars when I can, play, watch or read about tennis as often as possible.  My brain is full of Musical Theatre song lyrics, and sometimes it seems appropriate to me to sing them outoud in the middle of hiking at altitude.
I hope to share experiences and even if just a little bit, inspire to live each day, finding beauty and fun in the ordinary…it can be a wonderful adventure.

Any opinions expressed on this blog are soley my own, and do not reflect those of my professional affiliations or place of employment.

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