A Box of Chocolates

“Uncertainty is one of the essential seasonings of life.” – Thomas Hornbein For those of you who don’t know who Tom Hornbein is, take a look. Please do so before you continue reading this entry. You need to understand what this man has accomplished in his life – and it’s importance to mankind as a […]


Home is also where the Dog is

Following up on the Lion’s post, Where the Heart Is … For a long while now, my backpack, duffle bag or roller bag felt more like home than the apartment where I paid rent.  New trails, new coffee shops, new friends, seeing old friends in new places, trying new foods and wine – that made me […]

Where the heart is…

I want to start this off by saying that I like my writings to be conversational. I enjoy writing in a style that is similar to the way I actually speak. I feel this is the most sincere form of writing and the most genuine way to get to know an individual through their writing. […]

Groundhog Day

‘Groundhog Day’ is on my list of Top 10 movies of all time.  I especially love that after watching it once, I feel like I just saw it 8 times in a row.  Some of Bill Murray’s best advice: “Don’t Drive Angry!”  I’m a Groundhog Birthday Girl, so this holiday and the movie are near […]