Wildfires and Coyotes and Winds (& Wines), Oh My!

Chase, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Philly anymore

Embarking on week three as San Diego residents, there are some notable differences living here versus the East Coast that didn’t figure into the “Pros and Cons” list when making the decision to move out west. Continue reading

Road-trippin’ Across the USA

3,080 Miles, 10 States, Six Days, Two Humans and a Dog Called Chase

At first Chase was all kinds of confused, but cute as ever:

Chase's home for the week

Chase’s home for the week

PA >> OH >> IN >> IL >> MO >> KS >> CO >> NM >> AZ >> CALIFORNIA. 

Here we go.

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The “Miss” List

Heading West

For a while now I’ve been preparing for the move out west.  The thought first crossed my mind when I got an interview at USC for residency way back when, but ultimately decided at that point NYC was what I wanted and cancelled the interview. Now after years of dreaming and contemplating, I’m finally doing it. I’m packing up, putting Chase in the car, and we’ll drive straight on til morning to the Promised Land called San Diego. As we get close to the day, people keep asking me what I’ll miss about Philly/NY. Continue reading

It Was the Worst of Times, It Was the Best of Times

In reference to a recent wildmedgirl post “Adult Learning,” I mentioned I’d spent some time couch surfing. What I really meant was, I’ve spent some time crashing with family and friends at times when I um…didn’t have a home. The other word for that is homeless. Now, in a sense that was true, especially in the sense outlined in the Lion’s post “Where the Heart Is.” But I wasn’t really homeless. I had my own angels providing shelter with their wings (and wine), and still other magnificent Guardian Angels, who actually put a roof over my head and a pillow under it.

Kung-Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda

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Home is also where the Dog is

Following up on the Lion’s post, Where the Heart Is …

For a long while now, my backpack, duffle bag or roller bag felt more like home than the apartment where I paid rent.  New trails, new coffee shops, new friends, seeing old friends in new places, trying new foods and wine – that made me feel comfortable, safe and happy.  I literally didn’t say no to anything if I wasn’t working or exhausted from working.  That didn’t even change when I adopted my dog.  But the reason it didn’t change, is that I took him (the dog) with me most places I went.  Turns out, Chase really likes the car:

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Groundhog Day


‘Groundhog Day’ is on my list of Top 10 movies of all time.  I especially love that after watching it once, I feel like I just saw it 8 times in a row.  Some of Bill Murray’s best advice: “Don’t Drive Angry!”  I’m a Groundhog Birthday Girl, so this holiday and the movie are near and dear to my shadow and my heart.  Sorry about the shadow this year; the polar vortex reached Punxsutawney PA, and Phil waved the white flag.  Bummer.  I think it’s high time we all consider moving to San Diego!

Speaking of Phil, Groundhog Day 2014 left me with a heavy heart, learning about the tragic, though unsurprising death of Philip Seymore Hoffman – such a talent, and a humble man when greeted by fans.  My hope is that something good can come from something so sad.  I work in an ER in Philadelphia, where I see life-threatening and end-stage disease in very young people on a WEEKLY basis, as a result of Narcotic Drug Abuse – often times in the form of IV drugs, but also in the form of prescription meds such as percocet.  Aside from the Hepatitis C that leads to cirrhosis and Liver Cancer, the HIV, the MRSA abscesses that can lead to limb loss and sepsis, a new batch of heroin is out there that is “laced” with fentanyl – giving people (click on it) a HUGE UNEXPECTED FATAL dose of opiates  . My hope is that celebrities, who have used in the past, will come forward to educate our young people from a Survivor’s point of view.  Here’s an example in Russell Brand.  Addiction is one of the hardest diseases to beat; it requires the ultimate conviction of the patient to want a cure. Prevention is where it’s at, and the media has such powerful influence. As a child of the 80’s the mantra ‘Just Say No’ has been on my mind the last few days.

Switching gears, who doesn’t love puppies?  You know you want to see it again – that Budweiser Commercial!!!