Where the heart is…

I want to start this off by saying that I like my writings to be conversational. I enjoy writing in a style that is similar to the way I actually speak. I feel this is the most sincere form of writing and the most genuine way to get to know an individual through their writing. What I’m saying is: I want you to know me. Over the course of the blog, I want you to know the Lion.

With that in mind, I’d like to start this blog with a conversation on the topic of “home.” It seems to be a relatively simple concept to a lot of people. But to a lot of people, “home” is synonymous with “house” or “apartment” or “condo” or any other physical dwelling. But those are abodes. Those are residences. Homes are something far greater. They are a sanctuary. For my entire life, my “abode” had been in Colorado. But now, here in Philadelphia of all places, I’ve found my home.

I was born and raised in Colorado, right at the foot of a 14,115 mountain named Pikes Peak. At first, it’s amazing to walk out your front door and see a majestic mountain soaring above the city. Even the Angel, who spent most of her life between the Philadelphia area and New York City, couldn’t believe me when I told her that seeing that mountain no longer had that “wow” factor that it has for so many. Not that I didn’t appreciate it, I just merely forgot it was there. Well, not forgot, but stopped caring. You start taking it for granted. People visiting say, “Look at that. You live at the foot of that mountain.” And your response after a while becomes, “Yeah. And?”

The truth is, home is only moderately related to physical location. Obviously, you can’t build a home in a place that you are physically uncomfortable. But right now, I’m right in the heart of Philadelphia, and I appreciate the view of these skyscrapers far more than I did the view of that mountain. Not to underestimate the value of that mountain. It truly is beautiful. But for me, the elation and fascination I feel at finally being home makes the skyscrapers far more appealing than that mountain.

To be ridiculously cliched, home IS where the heart is. Home is where you feel you belong, and more often or not, that’s with a certain someone. I found my certain someone and now I finally feel home. I have found that place where I feel a confidence and solidarity in my being that has been increasingly elusive from my life prior; a comfort in my own skin, if you will. And to have someone amazing – an angel – to share that with is more than I ever could have asked.

So from my home to yours, wherever and whoever that may be, I hope that you someday feel what I feel now. I wish for you the happiness that comes from having a home that lives within you, that you can take with you everywhere you go. I wish for you the contentment that comes from knowing the search is over. And when that day comes, seize it. In fact, seize more than the day, seize life. Forget carpe diem. Carpe vita.


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