It Was the Worst of Times, It Was the Best of Times

In reference to a recent wildmedgirl post “Adult Learning,” I mentioned I’d spent some time couch surfing. What I really meant was, I’ve spent some time crashing with family and friends at times when I um…didn’t have a home. The other word for that is homeless. Now, in a sense that was true, especially in the sense outlined in the Lion’s post “Where the Heart Is.” But I wasn’t really homeless. I had my own angels providing shelter with their wings (and wine), and still other magnificent Guardian Angels, who actually put a roof over my head and a pillow under it.

Kung-Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda
Kung Fu Panda

This girl opened up her home to me, and shared with me all the hugs, hummus and “30-Rock” a girl could hope for.  There was white wine, winter hikes and a ski trip and since she was a vegetarian, I figured I might as well give it a go!  Now I have since returned to the land of sushi and lobster (and bacon), but my GI tract was never SOOO on track. There was true happiness in the hardship. And it could not have been highlighted any better than the day we found this on the Interweb, watched it twice and then Facetimed a third friend to watch it with us: Best Parody Ever! There were literally tears of pain and laughter simultaneously.

Three Girls and a Cat named Thomas

Sometimes I refer to my most challenging hour as “The Dark Time.” This was a time highlighted by watching hours of “Vampire Diaries,” until I wound up couch surfing for the second time, landing on this awesome wavy chair at the home of my sister Miriam, her girlfriend Jenn and their awesome cat Thomas. When we weren’t busy watching Thomas TV, which is beyond entertaining for hours on end (this cat thinks he’s a dog), we were watching marathons of “Too Cute” or “Golden Girls.”  There was red wine, laughter and tears.  Jenn remarked it was almost like college: Three girls living in a two-bedroom apartment, two of them sleeping together and the other coming home with plenty of stories to go around. The only differences compared to college were quality, of the TV shows AND the wine!

Sir Thomas Sebastian Gaylord (of the Stripey Gaylords) and me on the Wavy Chair
Sir Thomas Sebastian Gaylord (of the Stripey Gaylords) and me on the Wavy Chair
Thomas TV - for our daily viewing pleasure
Thomas TV – for our daily viewing pleasure
In 'Da Hood Quote Courtesy of Miriam
In ‘Da Hood
Quote Courtesy of Miriam

On a recent coffee date with Jenn, I referred to this era of couch surfing with them as part of the “Dark Time.” Jenn looked all confused.  She remembered those six weeks as “The Best of Times – like college!” Then I reminded her that I landed on their couch because of the “darkness,” and she told me she mosty remembers laughter and warmth and family and love.  At the time, I couldn’t possibly have described myself as happy. But looking back, I was surrounded by my angels, on a healing path that ultimtely lead me to the peace and calm.

And that’s the same path that led me to the lion.  A path I never would’ve been on without my couch surfing hostesses (and host – you’re welcome Thomas!)


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