The “Miss” List

Heading West

For a while now I’ve been preparing for the move out west.  The thought first crossed my mind when I got an interview at USC for residency way back when, but ultimately decided at that point NYC was what I wanted and cancelled the interview. Now after years of dreaming and contemplating, I’m finally doing it. I’m packing up, putting Chase in the car, and we’ll drive straight on til morning to the Promised Land called San Diego. As we get close to the day, people keep asking me what I’ll miss about Philly/NY. It may sound callous, but until very recently, I honestly didn’t consider that I’d “miss” anything so much as look forward to certain things when I come back to visit. Even with family and friends, I figured I’m moving to a place that everyone will want to visit, and between that, facetime and my visiting the East Coast a couple of times a year (and text/email/Facebook),  we wouldn’t get around to the “missing” phase. That all changed a couple of weeks ago when I had a “Sister’s Day.” Like a tear-jerker, once coffee was served, Mir and Arin caught me off guard with a gift of a necklace, well one for each of us – three inter-locking circles representing the unbreakable bond of sisters, near or far. I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong! Miss, miss, miss!!! Then we went on with cleaning out my jewelry box and closet, gifting all those things I’ve never worn, haven’t worn in years or won’t be needing anymore (the Michelin Man coat that’s mostly useful for walking the dog in 20-degree temps – not cute, only functional).

Top Ten List of What I look forward to Visiting In NYC and Philly

(or things I will miss)

10. Sister’s Days and Nights

Our collective alma mater
At the Mann Music Center

9. Fast and Flat Running in Philly

Broad Street Race - Fastest ten miles you'll ever run
Broad Street Race – Fastest ten miles you’ll ever run
Kelly Drive before the storm
West River Drive

8. The Philadelphia Orchestra

In the fall, on a whim, and by myself (couldn’t find a partner in crime, so I went on my own), I attended this amazing event. Impromptu Philadelphia Orchestra Concert, conducted by Yannick Nezet-Seguin, who wore black jeans and a fitted blue v-neck sweater. This man is doing WONDERS for classical music in Philly. The Kimmel Center was packed after just hours of an invite that went viral (twitter, Facebook and email) to this FREE pop-up event when the orchestra’s gig at Carnegie Hall was cancelled Oct. 2. Yannick turned it into a game show where he allowed the audience to decide which Mozart Overture we got to hear: Cosi Fan Tutti, Don Giovanni or Le Nozze Di Figaro. Which would you have voted for? Don Giovanni it was (I voted for Cosi!!). Then he brought up a guest conductor, who was chosen during a competition held one hour prior to showtime – Maestro Maddie, 8 years old, killed it conducting the William Tell Overture wearing sweat pants, an old t-shirt and flip flops, hair in a braid that just screamed “I’ve been climbing trees all day, and now I’m conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra!” When Yannick asked her on her podium “How are you feeling tonight Maestro Maddie?” She looked at him, her orchestra, and then her audience and replied “Awesome!” with the sweetest smile. Yannick followed it up with Bolero, a personal favorite of mine, that brought me back to the first time I heard it at Interlocken Arts Camp when I was 16 – omg. And then the finale that Yannick asked us to tweet and Facebook the hell out of! 

Thank you Yannick and the Philadelphia Orchestra, for bringing Philadelphians together for an amazing night of beautiful (and FREE) music – a few hours away from the real world, leaving us with only positive energy to tackle the rest of the week. Nothing but love for this wonderful organization.

7. Central Park

For running around the Reservoir, the Bridal Path or the Park Drives, for hanging with the girls, for drinks, for feeling like you’re in any given Woody Allen film or When Harry Met Sally, I have a love affair with this place.

The boathouse in summer
The boathouse in summer


The Reservoir

6. The Fabulous Foods of Philly

Not disputable – Philadelphia is a fantastic restaurant town. If you ever need a rec here, all you have to do is ask…and prepare for a very long list.

Ralph's - Old reliable South Philly Italian on S. 9th St. Also doubles for things I will miss - the family.
Ralph’s – Old reliable South Philly Italian on S. 9th St. Also doubles for things I will miss – the family.
Reading Terminal Market – so good, so cheap, it’s so Philly. Termini Brothers cannolis for starters…
Parc. I should’ve signed up for a meal plan here. My favorite moules frites in the city. And the best people watching in summer.
Penn Six in the Gayborhood. Yummy on all fronts.
Fairmount Food Fight – A sampling of the delightful hot spots in Fairmount
Dessert at Matyson – a fave BYO in Center City
Tinto – A Jose Garces fave of mine. Spanish Tapas almost as good as in Basque Country.
Brunch at Blue Cat in Fairmount (BYO). Site of the tears for necklaces. And things I will MISS – sisters.
Brunch at Lacroix. There are no words necessary other than raw bar, build-your-own-bloody mary, inside the kitchen, chocolate fountain (milk & dark). #eatforhours
Duck Fat Fries - Village Whiskey
Duck Fat Fries – Village Whiskey

5. Those crazy City nights.  You know what I mean.347942339=;4;=473=XROQDF>23236;;79;-32ot1lsi IMG_0100 IMG_0505 DSC01333IMG_1325 IMG_2873 IMG_2314IMG_3202

IMG_4598DSC00690 DSC02110 genimage

4. The Availability of Piano Bars and Karaoke

Some piano bar in Chelsea
Some piano bar in Chelsea
Tavern on Camac. Hang-out of $2-Bill

3. Those New York Moments

US Open Labor Day Weekend
US Open Labor Day Weekend
Celebrity Sightings
After singing and dancing on a Broadway Stage for the finale of Hair (one of the most amazing moments of my entire life), Arin and I couldn’t resist waiting at the Stage Door to meet this guy
Bear Mountain Reflections - rainy day hike with a great friend
Bear Mountain Reflections – rainy day hike with a great friend
Post NYC marathon with one of my running Gurus, Uncle Michael
The Metropolitan Opera, where my mom has been taking me since I was 15. Stunning always.
The house lights going up at the beginning of every opera at the Met.
Res ipsa loquitur

2. The Phillies and Other things Philly

Broad Street the night the Phillies won the World Series 2008
Broad Street the night the Phillies won the World Series 2008
The night the Phillies clinched the National League Penant 2008


The one and only Philly Fanatic
Typical Philadelphia. Very nice signs and people all over this town.
Typical Philadelphia. Very nice signs and people all over this town.
My Students. MASWM 2012 But keep an eye on
My Students. MASWM 2012 But keep an eye on Wild Medicine Girl
The Rittenhouse Stroll
Penn Relays with the Fam. Old-timer’s 100 meter.
Mir’s connections landing us with these awesome tix
The option of going to the Philadelphia Museum or Art (or the Barnes or the Franklin Institute)
Philadelphia Museum of Art at sunset from West River Drive

1. The Family – I will miss and can’t wait to share California with them all.

Mom at a National League Championship game
Mom at a National League Championship game
Traditional Christmas Fried Matzah and Bacon

IMG_1791 IMG_2900

Family Plank-Off Thanksgiving

IMG_5182 IMG_5184

IMG_5388 IMG_5409

Laughing with the cousins
Laughing with the cousins

IMG_5425 IMG_4490

 So, I will miss the people. I’ll look forward to visits. And you will love visiting us!

Torrey Pines
Torrey Pines

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